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Gofer Girls - Community Events News Story - KNBC | Los Angeles
Butlers and maids are not merely for the rich anymore. NBC4's Kelly Mack reported on a growing demand for professional errand runners who will do everything from your grocery shopping to walking your dog.

Aired November 20, 2006

Gofer Girls Help You To Be Errands Free.
The Gofer Girls, as reported by Rick Chambers, are a service that offers the gift of time.

KCAL 9 - Los Angeles - "No time to pick up your dry cleaning? Have to buy a gift for a special someone and have no time to pick it up...or wrap it?"
Aired September 6, 2006

SMALL BUSINESS - For Rent: Aides, Wingmen, Husbands
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"Saruwatari didn't have time the other day to hang around her Los Feliz home waiting for a repairman. So she summoned Gofer Girls, a Los Angeles company that does errands for $30 an hour..." September 6, 2006

CRANKY CONSUMER: Getting Concierge Service at Home
"Once perks at luxury hotels and resorts, concierges are now part of a growing number of households..." July 20, 2006

Catch Gofer Girls ON THE NEWS!!! See them in action around L.A., broadcasted by our own Lisa Joyner.

CBS 2/KCAL 9 - Los Angeles - "Need to pick up the dry cleaning? Have some last minute shopping to finish? Don't have time to buy that present for the party Friday night?
Get yourself a Gofer Girl! "
Aired Monday June 26, 2006 NOTES: L.A. Fashion Week
"What would be more L.A. then having your very own (albeit temporary) personal assistant? Thanks to Gofer Girls..."

An Article about Gofer Girls in Los Angeles' Angeleno Magazine.
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Owner, Lisa Ristorucci, appears on NBC's "Starting Over" to discuss the Gofer Girls' business model of success with another entrepreneur.


Leeza Gibbons LIVE!
Leeza Gibbons interviews Gofer Girl Owner, Lisa Ristorucci, on her nationally broadcasted radio show.

"...the hip personal assistance service that can do it all for you..." -Leeza Gibbons.

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Daily Candy - Los Angeles Edition - January 11, 2006
"Deem closet devoid of suitable garb. Stuff unwanted garments into plastic bag with intention to sell ASAP. On way to car, get waylaid by Project Runway repeat. Ignore rapidly growing pile of unwanted stuff cluttering hallway. Repeat every four to six weeks. Despair.
No, don't. Call Gofer Girls...."

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